Wednesday, February 4, 2009

controdiction within opposition

After reading the work of Susan B. Anthony's work

In my opinion, i believe Mrs. Anthony constructs a very shrewed image upon herself. i believe that the image she is trying to construct is of a wrong world. that she has the right to break any law she finds to be inefficient to the qualities of a standard in which she sets in stone. as well as justifying her infringements upon the law as an act of deviation from what she claims as bad and good by her own personal discretion and present amplitude. to me, i believe the method of construction she used in her speech "On women's right to vote" to persuade others was very contradicting. her version of oligarchy in the speech is within itself stated unjust. and yet, that same government that pushes aside others disregarding their right to be equivalent, is at the same time being subjugated by those same individuals through means of opposition that only converse the role of our democratic government to that of an oligarchy which she spoke. I do believe in the women's suffrage movement. i do not believe breaking laws is the way to a greater democracy. a more MLK approach could have worked


i know this isn't right. its only my opinion which i stated throughout the paragraph. so i don't have women, i just disagree with the method she used during that particular piece of literature. so i know we have different opinions, and this ones mine


  1. I figured you meant "hate" and just accidently put "have."

    Your response to Susan B. Anthony is somewhat like my response to Emma Goldman. There were aspects in the message that both women would presenting that I agreed with, but that doesn't mean I agree with their way of getting their message across. At the same time, while I admire MLK and Ghandi for their peaceful protests, I also acknowledge that there are times that call for more than just calm talk. Sometimes anger must be shouted at the tops of our lungs and sometimes flags must be burned.

    As you said, that is merely my opinion.