Monday, April 27, 2009

the crazy things about school

So it has came to my attention that UCSD is not addapting a new screening process for impacted majors, UCSD (being one of the schools that im looking at attending), is making it that much harder for transfer students to get in. my major (Aeronautical Engineering) is an impacted major which means that it is pretty full. so what is going to happen starting 2011, is there'd going to let the usual people get in, and what ever spots are left open, will be fought for by transfers students, and given the spot due to there grades and gpa.
so what this means is that i need to cram in more school and get my classes done sooner before this new screening process takes into effect. so this semester i will be taking 16 units, a chem LEC, chem LAB, computer science, Calc., and the last of my english. and as we all know, we have less time to complete a course during the summer, so my math class at the moment which is 3 days a weak, is going to be 5 days a weak, and so on with the rest of my courses. i have 3 physics class ( two with labs) , one more chem after this one, 5 levels of calc. and my computer classes i need to get done after this summer. and in order to take on more classes this summer, i need to drop down to part time at work, and just as well, between this spring and summer semesters, i'm having my wisdom teeth pulled, so my break in between will consist of me on vicodin. so im looking forward to that. and just this week, i have all my math homework due wensday, a revision ( which im thankful my teacher aloud me to do, i didn't get a bad grade, i just wanted a better one) paper i have to complete for my philosophy class due tuesday, a computer science exam on tuesday, a math exam on wensday and my 10 page ruff draft essay due wensday. so im looking forward to that.

and two of my teachers have all the exams open book open notes, which it turns out i hate, because they're setting you up for failure. you rely to much on not worrying for the exams because you have your book and notes and then end up using them for the exams, and not studying enough and when that accumulative final exam comes up, you're screwed, so as we go on i need to make sure that i know what's going on. like what is good in the eyes of plato, aristole, thomas aquinas, epicurus, staurt mill, moore, nietzsche, immanuel kant, david humes, joseph butler, as well as their applied ethics, meta ethics, and moral scope, knowledge.... buddism, what it stands for and their applied philosophies. and for computer science - algorithms , modules, Pseudocode, object oriented design, virtual computer, instruction registers, program counters, assemblers, adders, syntax, encapsulation, data types, byte codes, test-plan implementation, boolean logic and expression, linked implementation, abstaction towards everything basically, application software, system software, all hardware, fixed dynamic partitions, page-maps, main frames, address binding,

and i assure you for computer science, thats only less than half.

plus my finals for math and english. so what more to say

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Charm city cakes

watching this show right now. watched it before, but its been a while and jeeze.they can like replicate a dog. its crazyyyy. yeah i love making desserts but i dont like eating them. like brownies. i usually eat like one brownie, but im allergic to chocolate and i just get sick. so my brother always eats them before i get them, i like them a chewy, but not out of the oven chewy, so i let them sit over night and when i get up he literally eats them all. so before i went on tour i took chocolate flavored exlax and melted it in the microwave and spread it all over these brownies and the day i left i took out 2 pieces to try to make it look like some one else ate it, and what do you know, he ate the whole thing. but for valentines day i made a southern red velvet cake with peacans on the side and strawberry slices all on the top in rings. its on you should make it, its amazingggggg. yeah, i love to make desserts because their fun to make, so im going to be the one who hosts parties just to make food for everyone else. but back to charm city cakes, its pretty crazy. to like own y our own business and make sure everything is dilvered ontime, seems like it always comes together just in the nick of time. makes you wonder if they had episodes where they didn't make it on time and just didn't air it.
the world me never know

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Those who like music

I have for quiet some time played music. my brother (sax and piano), sister(flute), mother(oboe, clarinet, and drums), dad(guitar), uncle(guitar), grandma(guitar and organ), great grandma(amazing vocalist, violin), and great grandpa (profession organ player) play music. and me, i am like the hybrid of my family. i play set, keys ( xylophone, vibraphone, etc.), timpani, flute, piano, guitar, and snare drum. and actually snare drum and set are two completely different things. one you use coordination throughout your hold body and one just your hands. so the rudiments you play on a snare drum are a lot more advanced then on a set. im not saying ones harder than the other, just that they both involve different methods of technique, articulation, and control. ive played in a dozen symphonic bands, concert bands, jazz band, west coast honor band, cosway classic (under the director ship of frank ticalli- one of the worlds most famous composers in the world today) marching band- and most recent like drum corps. i've spent my summer drumming with a musical group traveling the U.S. competing against the world's best drumlines. yes i know like the movie? no, that movie was a joke and only reuined the art itself. drumming is alot more difficult than that. and then i realize how complicated drumming on a drumline really is.
we have to mark time ( hitting the ground with your foot with the beat), memorize thousands of notes per page, keep a 2 foot interval from you and the people around you, form the big picture that people see from the stands, adapt to on the go circumstances ( such as your position on the firl might change because someone on the other side didn't make their spot causing the over all picture to shift), different pressure changes in your hand for different sounds, memorizing all your spots on the field, and trust me sooo much more. during tour we had 2 days off. literally 2 days. we had 7 day work weeks and 9-11 hours every day. so its alot more complicated than one would think, plus auditions for a drumline start in december and the music is passed out in october, and auditions go from december to february, than january we have rehearsal till june which is when we leave for our 6 week trip. it was alot of fun though. amazing. seeing the country and playing my favorite thing.
but yes, i am the hybrid of the family when it comes to music. i compose my own, help out with my old high school and practice everyday. plus doing all this with rehearsal and a 40 hr. work week with 14 units of school. im taking this summer off of the drumline though for school and doin it next year. so im stoked. even now i have my pad and sticks to the right of me. been playing drums for 9 years now and still have alongggg way to go. so to anyone who is reading this. music is very important in our lives. listening is good, but playing it is better. doesn't have to be professional or infornt of people, but i hobby that i believe everyone should take into to help us relax and help our brains ease.

Monday, April 6, 2009

what major to pick

i, am worried about my major. not really how i am going to complete. but that its not going to be enough for me. my major at the moment is aeronautical ( or aerospace) engineering and i dont wanna just learn that. so im considering actually taking physics as a double major. i love science and math and i dont like the ideal of just limiting my options and just sticking to one field the rest of my life. i still want to learn everything i can about biologoy and chemistry, so i feel like choosing one job title sucks. so ifeel that a double major at the moment would be the best option in obtaining what i want.