Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yet again school

i know i write alot about school, but school is really a big chunk of my life. so it seems like today i have obtained more information of to why getting into UCSD is going to be even harder. yes its just a school and what really can be so hard about it. well i have an engineering major. so that means i can't do a regular transfer program and get my history and such general ed down and then go. i have to take 5 calc. classes. 5 general ed classes( english and such) 3 physics classes, 2 physics labs, 2 chem. classes, 2 chem labs, 4 computer programming classes, and i have to have it done before i leave. i dont really have to but it is highly advised for me to complete them before i leave, and it'll save me money. so thats a three year program with all the pre reqs. but there's more!!! in 2011, the year ill be finshing all my classes, UCSD is adapting a screening process where they will be rasing the bar for GPA's of transfer students and being more strictor on who gets in for all impacted majors, and guess who has an impacted major, that's right. aeronautical engineering. so that sucks, and there's more. even if i get a TAG to UCSD and meet all there major preps for my major with a good GPA, doesn't mean i can transfer with my major, so it just keeps getting harder. And one thing i find to be irritating about the counselors, though they do help out a lot and point me in the right direction, they make it seem like changing your major is no big deal. i mean, i love math and science, but everybody needs to be picky about their job because it'll be a big part of their life, and its my life and i intend to enjoy it for my sake, and not the sake of someone else. i dont want to teach math or science, i don't want to do bio/chem engineering ( i love the subjects just could never do it) i dont want to build things with civil engineering nor mechanical, and i don't find structural that much compelling either. i have checked out other schools for my major, but i dont really know right now. Davis is a great school, i just really quite honestly dislike sacramento and placerville, though i live in el dorado hills and enjoy it, and need to go see some different part of the world. i wouldn't mind going out of state, but i have a feeling that when i got for grad. school, im pretty sure ill wanna go to cali. for it, and since ill be out of state, it might be harder to get into. But UCSD, i love asians, or any form of the ethinicity, i have nothing against them and love em, but i'm sure we've all had one in our class for math or some other classes, and for the most part, we know they have an amazing work ethic, so if you go to UCSD and look around, its like having that one briliant asian in that one hard class of yours, but times like 20,000. with there work ethic, and the pact math and science are universe, and UCSD having one of the best engineering institutes around, go figure... so that's what im up against. so i need to boost my GPA and keep it up. i know it will happen if i just be organized and plan ahead. so after this semester,2 down and 5 to go

Monday, May 4, 2009

In the computer lab

i am in the computer lab right now doing about nothing. i dont have my laptop so i can't do my english essay, presentation because it's all in mircrosofts 2007 word/powerpoint and if i were to email it to myself or some other means of transfering the data, i wouldn't be able to open it on any computer in my house because we're are not so updated on the newest soft ware. i could be working on my biography though for my computer science class, or even my philosophy paper, which i think i will when i'm done writing this, so to me, it is the utter most importance to write this blog as fast as i can so i can start those papers. i found out that i will have a 95% going to my math final in a few weeks, the same grade i had in the math class prior to that. funny story, you see, i had the highest grade going into the exam in my previous math class, and i sat down ready to take the exam, but for some reason i couldn't remember the teacher instructing this at the beggining of the semester, or he didn't and for got to. he said no graphing calculator on the final exam ( throughout the semester we were not allowed to use anyyyy calculators on the exams) but the final exam we were aloud to use a scientific calculator, just not a graphing. so i had to solve all the radicals by hand and such. there were only 15 problems on the exam, but there were about 4 problems per proble . so i got to number 11 and i ran out of time... so that sucked, but i got an A in the class though. i must have down well on the exam. so this semesters about to end and im getting my wisdom teeth pulled on the 22nd, i got the doc. to make my pre-opp. appoint and my surgery date to be between the week of our spring and summer semester so i dont fall behind, and i work 40 hours a week, not avg. 40 hrs. but exactly 40 hrs a week, and my friday for work has been my monday for school, so i have yet to have a day off, and not my week of relaxing will be in complete oblivious pain until the next semster where i need to drop down to part time and take 5 classes, 16 units. so can't wait for that break...

Monday, April 27, 2009

the crazy things about school

So it has came to my attention that UCSD is not addapting a new screening process for impacted majors, UCSD (being one of the schools that im looking at attending), is making it that much harder for transfer students to get in. my major (Aeronautical Engineering) is an impacted major which means that it is pretty full. so what is going to happen starting 2011, is there'd going to let the usual people get in, and what ever spots are left open, will be fought for by transfers students, and given the spot due to there grades and gpa.
so what this means is that i need to cram in more school and get my classes done sooner before this new screening process takes into effect. so this semester i will be taking 16 units, a chem LEC, chem LAB, computer science, Calc., and the last of my english. and as we all know, we have less time to complete a course during the summer, so my math class at the moment which is 3 days a weak, is going to be 5 days a weak, and so on with the rest of my courses. i have 3 physics class ( two with labs) , one more chem after this one, 5 levels of calc. and my computer classes i need to get done after this summer. and in order to take on more classes this summer, i need to drop down to part time at work, and just as well, between this spring and summer semesters, i'm having my wisdom teeth pulled, so my break in between will consist of me on vicodin. so im looking forward to that. and just this week, i have all my math homework due wensday, a revision ( which im thankful my teacher aloud me to do, i didn't get a bad grade, i just wanted a better one) paper i have to complete for my philosophy class due tuesday, a computer science exam on tuesday, a math exam on wensday and my 10 page ruff draft essay due wensday. so im looking forward to that.

and two of my teachers have all the exams open book open notes, which it turns out i hate, because they're setting you up for failure. you rely to much on not worrying for the exams because you have your book and notes and then end up using them for the exams, and not studying enough and when that accumulative final exam comes up, you're screwed, so as we go on i need to make sure that i know what's going on. like what is good in the eyes of plato, aristole, thomas aquinas, epicurus, staurt mill, moore, nietzsche, immanuel kant, david humes, joseph butler, as well as their applied ethics, meta ethics, and moral scope, knowledge.... buddism, what it stands for and their applied philosophies. and for computer science - algorithms , modules, Pseudocode, object oriented design, virtual computer, instruction registers, program counters, assemblers, adders, syntax, encapsulation, data types, byte codes, test-plan implementation, boolean logic and expression, linked implementation, abstaction towards everything basically, application software, system software, all hardware, fixed dynamic partitions, page-maps, main frames, address binding,

and i assure you for computer science, thats only less than half.

plus my finals for math and english. so what more to say

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Charm city cakes

watching this show right now. watched it before, but its been a while and jeeze.they can like replicate a dog. its crazyyyy. yeah i love making desserts but i dont like eating them. like brownies. i usually eat like one brownie, but im allergic to chocolate and i just get sick. so my brother always eats them before i get them, i like them a chewy, but not out of the oven chewy, so i let them sit over night and when i get up he literally eats them all. so before i went on tour i took chocolate flavored exlax and melted it in the microwave and spread it all over these brownies and the day i left i took out 2 pieces to try to make it look like some one else ate it, and what do you know, he ate the whole thing. but for valentines day i made a southern red velvet cake with peacans on the side and strawberry slices all on the top in rings. its on foodnetwork.com you should make it, its amazingggggg. yeah, i love to make desserts because their fun to make, so im going to be the one who hosts parties just to make food for everyone else. but back to charm city cakes, its pretty crazy. to like own y our own business and make sure everything is dilvered ontime, seems like it always comes together just in the nick of time. makes you wonder if they had episodes where they didn't make it on time and just didn't air it.
the world me never know

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Those who like music

I have for quiet some time played music. my brother (sax and piano), sister(flute), mother(oboe, clarinet, and drums), dad(guitar), uncle(guitar), grandma(guitar and organ), great grandma(amazing vocalist, violin), and great grandpa (profession organ player) play music. and me, i am like the hybrid of my family. i play set, keys ( xylophone, vibraphone, etc.), timpani, flute, piano, guitar, and snare drum. and actually snare drum and set are two completely different things. one you use coordination throughout your hold body and one just your hands. so the rudiments you play on a snare drum are a lot more advanced then on a set. im not saying ones harder than the other, just that they both involve different methods of technique, articulation, and control. ive played in a dozen symphonic bands, concert bands, jazz band, west coast honor band, cosway classic (under the director ship of frank ticalli- one of the worlds most famous composers in the world today) marching band- and most recent like drum corps. i've spent my summer drumming with a musical group traveling the U.S. competing against the world's best drumlines. yes i know like the movie? no, that movie was a joke and only reuined the art itself. drumming is alot more difficult than that. and then i realize how complicated drumming on a drumline really is.
we have to mark time ( hitting the ground with your foot with the beat), memorize thousands of notes per page, keep a 2 foot interval from you and the people around you, form the big picture that people see from the stands, adapt to on the go circumstances ( such as your position on the firl might change because someone on the other side didn't make their spot causing the over all picture to shift), different pressure changes in your hand for different sounds, memorizing all your spots on the field, and trust me sooo much more. during tour we had 2 days off. literally 2 days. we had 7 day work weeks and 9-11 hours every day. so its alot more complicated than one would think, plus auditions for a drumline start in december and the music is passed out in october, and auditions go from december to february, than january we have rehearsal till june which is when we leave for our 6 week trip. it was alot of fun though. amazing. seeing the country and playing my favorite thing.
but yes, i am the hybrid of the family when it comes to music. i compose my own, help out with my old high school and practice everyday. plus doing all this with rehearsal and a 40 hr. work week with 14 units of school. im taking this summer off of the drumline though for school and doin it next year. so im stoked. even now i have my pad and sticks to the right of me. been playing drums for 9 years now and still have alongggg way to go. so to anyone who is reading this. music is very important in our lives. listening is good, but playing it is better. doesn't have to be professional or infornt of people, but i hobby that i believe everyone should take into to help us relax and help our brains ease.

Monday, April 6, 2009

what major to pick

i, am worried about my major. not really how i am going to complete. but that its not going to be enough for me. my major at the moment is aeronautical ( or aerospace) engineering and i dont wanna just learn that. so im considering actually taking physics as a double major. i love science and math and i dont like the ideal of just limiting my options and just sticking to one field the rest of my life. i still want to learn everything i can about biologoy and chemistry, so i feel like choosing one job title sucks. so ifeel that a double major at the moment would be the best option in obtaining what i want.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Ok, so i decided to do something nice for my mom and step-dad today. I made them lunch with a really nice desert. I went to the store and got some of this ready made pasta and some ready to cook sauce and some fruit and yogurt and granola. my mom can be picky abourt what she eats and hasn't been eating well anyways and she liked the pasta i cooked, and so did my step-dad. so, i put together some blueberries, strawberries, watermelon and pear pieces into glasses and topped it all off with vanilla yogurt and granola. it was really good. my mom even liked it and i knew she would like it if she would just try it. my step dad already like granola and fruit and yogurt so he liked the desert as well. My step dad is cool too, he works at Intel and knows a lot about computers and helped me get my laptop cleaned up of a virus and put a new virus scan on my laptop so now my laptop works better and i'm happy about that. so yeah, i guess that be it for the day other than study and talk to my brother on the phone.

Monday, March 23, 2009


So, i've been a fan of the culinary arts for sometime. i've thought about going to school for it. but i realized i would hate to stand around in a very fast environment with really no satisfaction in the end. I mean, i love to cook, but i never eat what i cook. i taste it, but never really have a hunger to eat it, just to make it. ever since i was a kid i told myself i would learn how to cook because my parents didn't know so we really never really ate as a family and ate out of the box or can if you know what i mean. and once i started getting in to track and soccer, i had to develope my own diet, which was very successfull. so i told myself, my kids don't need to worry about that. so now i have a very broad knowledge of how to cook certain things (Good Eats) and what to cook, and also how to improvise (essential if your bored). so i really don't need to go to some cullinary school to be good at it. my dad is a chef and my grandpa is a chef, so i have plenty of mentors. i make my own pasta, with home made noodles sauce, the works. inside out burge ( a burger with cheese and bacon on the inside) milkshakes, dozens of deserts, steak, etc. and all learned by myself. so during my persute to be better cook, i think i'm doing a good job so far.

Monday, March 9, 2009

halo wars

i am a very die hard halo fan. the only reason i have an x box is because of halo. i've been playing since halo 1 came out, then halo 2, then halo 3, and now halo wars. i've been playing it for 8 years now. crazy i know. but i dont play it anymore because of full time at work and full time at school. but i bought halo wars when it came out and beat it the other day and i must say. i was very displeased. i mean, i know a different company made the game, but to have me learn a different game play, have a shorter story, an not really learn anything is annoying. i mean, halo 1-3 where amazing and now its this boring thing. the story line was about some guy, the spartan's kicked ass, and the one fight scene he has, he gets his ass kicked ( while the other spartans are kicking ass <---- the spartan scene was amazing though) until the end where he tricks the guy and kills him. and in the end the main character "dies" and they don't even know if they did the job. and the story ends with them biogenecally freezing themselves worrying that the cavonent is still their. that's it. so they left it open for another game, which probably means halo 4 (if they make one) wont be out for a while. i initially that i wasn't going to like it, and i didnt. the game was easy and boring. so why did i get it? because i'm a die hard halo fan. so i would rather have it and hate, rather than not have it and not know.

Monday, March 2, 2009

choices choices

im stuck with the choice of where to transfer to. My options being UCSD and SDSU. im presently following the UCSD's guidlines and find it not bad. i want to go to UCSD because of their engineering program and its credibility, so to speak. while on the other hand, SDSU is alright. big party school, and i can learn i guess the same things, but a cheaper price. so im quite lost. i need to take calc. 1-3 and two other calc classes, two physics, two chems. and like 5 comp. science classes inorder to transfer, meaning i have to have completed them with a 3.0 to get in to UCSD, while SDSU, i can just meet the GE and get in with a 2.0. so should i work really hard two get into a school i dont need to work hard for, or get some what of a reward for my efforts. so im quite stuck on what i should do, i guess the only things thats sepperating my disicion is cost. so thats what im thinking about.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

computers are dumb

I've been taking my computer science class for a couple of weeks, and it's just astounding how simple, yet so complex computers on. On and off switches. Just a sequence of on and off switches over and over, different sequences here and different sequences there just to represent a few letters. And there are programs (other sequences of on's and off's) to help you remember what your other sequences ment, and programs for those programs < - - - and the list litterally goes on for a long while. and then you have your programs ( sequences) for displaying a seqeunce of colors on your screen, programs to send the data to your screen. to relay instructions, to decode those instructions, to encode those instructions and to caring out those instructions just to by pushing one character key on your keyboard. and all the programs have programs within themselves to make the encoding shorter and easer, and programs to help you remember what your other programs are for. times this by several hundred and you have just your computer running just, microsoft word. and today, we use the internet, powerpoint, excelt. etc. hundreds apon hundreds of programs for just on program, and hundreds apon hundreds of other programs. so in the end, its just a certain amount of electricity going through a gate that either puts through a certain amount of electricity, or no electricity. and its doing this billions of times per second. and computers cannot look at a problem and anazlye it and solve it, without being programmed to do it it's self. like i said ealier. those sequences of on and off switches. you'd think, well we have to be told how to do math or english etc. but reguardless, we had to learn at some point by our selves, be it hundreds of years ago. so computes cannot do the simplisist thing without very specific directions. all we've been doing is taking those codes, so to speak, and scaffolding them on to each other over and over to what we have now. they can do advanced algebra, grammer corrections, find a million links for one set of info. in less than a second. man computers are dumb.

------------this is kind of a mixed format of grouping my thoughts. couldn't really change it around after i proof read it because i can't copy and paste becasue the box won't let me, and i don't feel like retyping all of it.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

controdiction within opposition

After reading the work of Susan B. Anthony's work

In my opinion, i believe Mrs. Anthony constructs a very shrewed image upon herself. i believe that the image she is trying to construct is of a wrong world. that she has the right to break any law she finds to be inefficient to the qualities of a standard in which she sets in stone. as well as justifying her infringements upon the law as an act of deviation from what she claims as bad and good by her own personal discretion and present amplitude. to me, i believe the method of construction she used in her speech "On women's right to vote" to persuade others was very contradicting. her version of oligarchy in the speech is within itself stated unjust. and yet, that same government that pushes aside others disregarding their right to be equivalent, is at the same time being subjugated by those same individuals through means of opposition that only converse the role of our democratic government to that of an oligarchy which she spoke. I do believe in the women's suffrage movement. i do not believe breaking laws is the way to a greater democracy. a more MLK approach could have worked


i know this isn't right. its only my opinion which i stated throughout the paragraph. so i don't have women, i just disagree with the method she used during that particular piece of literature. so i know we have different opinions, and this ones mine

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

At home

Im at home, thinking of the classes that I'm about to take. 17 units and full time at work is going to be a challenge. So, lets see how it goes.