Tuesday, February 24, 2009

computers are dumb

I've been taking my computer science class for a couple of weeks, and it's just astounding how simple, yet so complex computers on. On and off switches. Just a sequence of on and off switches over and over, different sequences here and different sequences there just to represent a few letters. And there are programs (other sequences of on's and off's) to help you remember what your other sequences ment, and programs for those programs < - - - and the list litterally goes on for a long while. and then you have your programs ( sequences) for displaying a seqeunce of colors on your screen, programs to send the data to your screen. to relay instructions, to decode those instructions, to encode those instructions and to caring out those instructions just to by pushing one character key on your keyboard. and all the programs have programs within themselves to make the encoding shorter and easer, and programs to help you remember what your other programs are for. times this by several hundred and you have just your computer running just, microsoft word. and today, we use the internet, powerpoint, excelt. etc. hundreds apon hundreds of programs for just on program, and hundreds apon hundreds of other programs. so in the end, its just a certain amount of electricity going through a gate that either puts through a certain amount of electricity, or no electricity. and its doing this billions of times per second. and computers cannot look at a problem and anazlye it and solve it, without being programmed to do it it's self. like i said ealier. those sequences of on and off switches. you'd think, well we have to be told how to do math or english etc. but reguardless, we had to learn at some point by our selves, be it hundreds of years ago. so computes cannot do the simplisist thing without very specific directions. all we've been doing is taking those codes, so to speak, and scaffolding them on to each other over and over to what we have now. they can do advanced algebra, grammer corrections, find a million links for one set of info. in less than a second. man computers are dumb.

------------this is kind of a mixed format of grouping my thoughts. couldn't really change it around after i proof read it because i can't copy and paste becasue the box won't let me, and i don't feel like retyping all of it.


  1. good thing they're dumb.
    can't afford a thinking machine which thinks billions of times faster than human beings, if we still want to be the conquring race on this planet.
    speaking of computers generating ways of thinking, two recommendations(yeah, si-fis)the Matrix(is there really anyone who didn't watch it?). Ghost in the Shell is the other one, TV animes, movies, and OVAs(Original Video Animation), I think it will impress even Americans(there's a very big gap for the sense of interesting between Asians and Americans)

  2. I think one of the biggest problems with computers is that most people are intimidated by them and, therefore, freak out at the smallest problem. That is what I observe, particularly, with my parent's generation. This is why I think it is important for kids to become computer savy. Sure, I think computer time should be tempered by outdoor or reading time, but people do a deservice to kids by keeping them away from computers.