Sunday, March 29, 2009


Ok, so i decided to do something nice for my mom and step-dad today. I made them lunch with a really nice desert. I went to the store and got some of this ready made pasta and some ready to cook sauce and some fruit and yogurt and granola. my mom can be picky abourt what she eats and hasn't been eating well anyways and she liked the pasta i cooked, and so did my step-dad. so, i put together some blueberries, strawberries, watermelon and pear pieces into glasses and topped it all off with vanilla yogurt and granola. it was really good. my mom even liked it and i knew she would like it if she would just try it. my step dad already like granola and fruit and yogurt so he liked the desert as well. My step dad is cool too, he works at Intel and knows a lot about computers and helped me get my laptop cleaned up of a virus and put a new virus scan on my laptop so now my laptop works better and i'm happy about that. so yeah, i guess that be it for the day other than study and talk to my brother on the phone.

Monday, March 23, 2009


So, i've been a fan of the culinary arts for sometime. i've thought about going to school for it. but i realized i would hate to stand around in a very fast environment with really no satisfaction in the end. I mean, i love to cook, but i never eat what i cook. i taste it, but never really have a hunger to eat it, just to make it. ever since i was a kid i told myself i would learn how to cook because my parents didn't know so we really never really ate as a family and ate out of the box or can if you know what i mean. and once i started getting in to track and soccer, i had to develope my own diet, which was very successfull. so i told myself, my kids don't need to worry about that. so now i have a very broad knowledge of how to cook certain things (Good Eats) and what to cook, and also how to improvise (essential if your bored). so i really don't need to go to some cullinary school to be good at it. my dad is a chef and my grandpa is a chef, so i have plenty of mentors. i make my own pasta, with home made noodles sauce, the works. inside out burge ( a burger with cheese and bacon on the inside) milkshakes, dozens of deserts, steak, etc. and all learned by myself. so during my persute to be better cook, i think i'm doing a good job so far.

Monday, March 9, 2009

halo wars

i am a very die hard halo fan. the only reason i have an x box is because of halo. i've been playing since halo 1 came out, then halo 2, then halo 3, and now halo wars. i've been playing it for 8 years now. crazy i know. but i dont play it anymore because of full time at work and full time at school. but i bought halo wars when it came out and beat it the other day and i must say. i was very displeased. i mean, i know a different company made the game, but to have me learn a different game play, have a shorter story, an not really learn anything is annoying. i mean, halo 1-3 where amazing and now its this boring thing. the story line was about some guy, the spartan's kicked ass, and the one fight scene he has, he gets his ass kicked ( while the other spartans are kicking ass <---- the spartan scene was amazing though) until the end where he tricks the guy and kills him. and in the end the main character "dies" and they don't even know if they did the job. and the story ends with them biogenecally freezing themselves worrying that the cavonent is still their. that's it. so they left it open for another game, which probably means halo 4 (if they make one) wont be out for a while. i initially that i wasn't going to like it, and i didnt. the game was easy and boring. so why did i get it? because i'm a die hard halo fan. so i would rather have it and hate, rather than not have it and not know.

Monday, March 2, 2009

choices choices

im stuck with the choice of where to transfer to. My options being UCSD and SDSU. im presently following the UCSD's guidlines and find it not bad. i want to go to UCSD because of their engineering program and its credibility, so to speak. while on the other hand, SDSU is alright. big party school, and i can learn i guess the same things, but a cheaper price. so im quite lost. i need to take calc. 1-3 and two other calc classes, two physics, two chems. and like 5 comp. science classes inorder to transfer, meaning i have to have completed them with a 3.0 to get in to UCSD, while SDSU, i can just meet the GE and get in with a 2.0. so should i work really hard two get into a school i dont need to work hard for, or get some what of a reward for my efforts. so im quite stuck on what i should do, i guess the only things thats sepperating my disicion is cost. so thats what im thinking about.