Monday, April 27, 2009

the crazy things about school

So it has came to my attention that UCSD is not addapting a new screening process for impacted majors, UCSD (being one of the schools that im looking at attending), is making it that much harder for transfer students to get in. my major (Aeronautical Engineering) is an impacted major which means that it is pretty full. so what is going to happen starting 2011, is there'd going to let the usual people get in, and what ever spots are left open, will be fought for by transfers students, and given the spot due to there grades and gpa.
so what this means is that i need to cram in more school and get my classes done sooner before this new screening process takes into effect. so this semester i will be taking 16 units, a chem LEC, chem LAB, computer science, Calc., and the last of my english. and as we all know, we have less time to complete a course during the summer, so my math class at the moment which is 3 days a weak, is going to be 5 days a weak, and so on with the rest of my courses. i have 3 physics class ( two with labs) , one more chem after this one, 5 levels of calc. and my computer classes i need to get done after this summer. and in order to take on more classes this summer, i need to drop down to part time at work, and just as well, between this spring and summer semesters, i'm having my wisdom teeth pulled, so my break in between will consist of me on vicodin. so im looking forward to that. and just this week, i have all my math homework due wensday, a revision ( which im thankful my teacher aloud me to do, i didn't get a bad grade, i just wanted a better one) paper i have to complete for my philosophy class due tuesday, a computer science exam on tuesday, a math exam on wensday and my 10 page ruff draft essay due wensday. so im looking forward to that.

and two of my teachers have all the exams open book open notes, which it turns out i hate, because they're setting you up for failure. you rely to much on not worrying for the exams because you have your book and notes and then end up using them for the exams, and not studying enough and when that accumulative final exam comes up, you're screwed, so as we go on i need to make sure that i know what's going on. like what is good in the eyes of plato, aristole, thomas aquinas, epicurus, staurt mill, moore, nietzsche, immanuel kant, david humes, joseph butler, as well as their applied ethics, meta ethics, and moral scope, knowledge.... buddism, what it stands for and their applied philosophies. and for computer science - algorithms , modules, Pseudocode, object oriented design, virtual computer, instruction registers, program counters, assemblers, adders, syntax, encapsulation, data types, byte codes, test-plan implementation, boolean logic and expression, linked implementation, abstaction towards everything basically, application software, system software, all hardware, fixed dynamic partitions, page-maps, main frames, address binding,

and i assure you for computer science, thats only less than half.

plus my finals for math and english. so what more to say

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