Sunday, April 19, 2009

Charm city cakes

watching this show right now. watched it before, but its been a while and jeeze.they can like replicate a dog. its crazyyyy. yeah i love making desserts but i dont like eating them. like brownies. i usually eat like one brownie, but im allergic to chocolate and i just get sick. so my brother always eats them before i get them, i like them a chewy, but not out of the oven chewy, so i let them sit over night and when i get up he literally eats them all. so before i went on tour i took chocolate flavored exlax and melted it in the microwave and spread it all over these brownies and the day i left i took out 2 pieces to try to make it look like some one else ate it, and what do you know, he ate the whole thing. but for valentines day i made a southern red velvet cake with peacans on the side and strawberry slices all on the top in rings. its on you should make it, its amazingggggg. yeah, i love to make desserts because their fun to make, so im going to be the one who hosts parties just to make food for everyone else. but back to charm city cakes, its pretty crazy. to like own y our own business and make sure everything is dilvered ontime, seems like it always comes together just in the nick of time. makes you wonder if they had episodes where they didn't make it on time and just didn't air it.
the world me never know

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