Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yet again school

i know i write alot about school, but school is really a big chunk of my life. so it seems like today i have obtained more information of to why getting into UCSD is going to be even harder. yes its just a school and what really can be so hard about it. well i have an engineering major. so that means i can't do a regular transfer program and get my history and such general ed down and then go. i have to take 5 calc. classes. 5 general ed classes( english and such) 3 physics classes, 2 physics labs, 2 chem. classes, 2 chem labs, 4 computer programming classes, and i have to have it done before i leave. i dont really have to but it is highly advised for me to complete them before i leave, and it'll save me money. so thats a three year program with all the pre reqs. but there's more!!! in 2011, the year ill be finshing all my classes, UCSD is adapting a screening process where they will be rasing the bar for GPA's of transfer students and being more strictor on who gets in for all impacted majors, and guess who has an impacted major, that's right. aeronautical engineering. so that sucks, and there's more. even if i get a TAG to UCSD and meet all there major preps for my major with a good GPA, doesn't mean i can transfer with my major, so it just keeps getting harder. And one thing i find to be irritating about the counselors, though they do help out a lot and point me in the right direction, they make it seem like changing your major is no big deal. i mean, i love math and science, but everybody needs to be picky about their job because it'll be a big part of their life, and its my life and i intend to enjoy it for my sake, and not the sake of someone else. i dont want to teach math or science, i don't want to do bio/chem engineering ( i love the subjects just could never do it) i dont want to build things with civil engineering nor mechanical, and i don't find structural that much compelling either. i have checked out other schools for my major, but i dont really know right now. Davis is a great school, i just really quite honestly dislike sacramento and placerville, though i live in el dorado hills and enjoy it, and need to go see some different part of the world. i wouldn't mind going out of state, but i have a feeling that when i got for grad. school, im pretty sure ill wanna go to cali. for it, and since ill be out of state, it might be harder to get into. But UCSD, i love asians, or any form of the ethinicity, i have nothing against them and love em, but i'm sure we've all had one in our class for math or some other classes, and for the most part, we know they have an amazing work ethic, so if you go to UCSD and look around, its like having that one briliant asian in that one hard class of yours, but times like 20,000. with there work ethic, and the pact math and science are universe, and UCSD having one of the best engineering institutes around, go figure... so that's what im up against. so i need to boost my GPA and keep it up. i know it will happen if i just be organized and plan ahead. so after this semester,2 down and 5 to go

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