Monday, May 4, 2009

In the computer lab

i am in the computer lab right now doing about nothing. i dont have my laptop so i can't do my english essay, presentation because it's all in mircrosofts 2007 word/powerpoint and if i were to email it to myself or some other means of transfering the data, i wouldn't be able to open it on any computer in my house because we're are not so updated on the newest soft ware. i could be working on my biography though for my computer science class, or even my philosophy paper, which i think i will when i'm done writing this, so to me, it is the utter most importance to write this blog as fast as i can so i can start those papers. i found out that i will have a 95% going to my math final in a few weeks, the same grade i had in the math class prior to that. funny story, you see, i had the highest grade going into the exam in my previous math class, and i sat down ready to take the exam, but for some reason i couldn't remember the teacher instructing this at the beggining of the semester, or he didn't and for got to. he said no graphing calculator on the final exam ( throughout the semester we were not allowed to use anyyyy calculators on the exams) but the final exam we were aloud to use a scientific calculator, just not a graphing. so i had to solve all the radicals by hand and such. there were only 15 problems on the exam, but there were about 4 problems per proble . so i got to number 11 and i ran out of time... so that sucked, but i got an A in the class though. i must have down well on the exam. so this semesters about to end and im getting my wisdom teeth pulled on the 22nd, i got the doc. to make my pre-opp. appoint and my surgery date to be between the week of our spring and summer semester so i dont fall behind, and i work 40 hours a week, not avg. 40 hrs. but exactly 40 hrs a week, and my friday for work has been my monday for school, so i have yet to have a day off, and not my week of relaxing will be in complete oblivious pain until the next semster where i need to drop down to part time and take 5 classes, 16 units. so can't wait for that break...

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  1. Billy, you should be ashamed of yourself. This is absolutely unacceptable. This blog sucks.