Monday, March 2, 2009

choices choices

im stuck with the choice of where to transfer to. My options being UCSD and SDSU. im presently following the UCSD's guidlines and find it not bad. i want to go to UCSD because of their engineering program and its credibility, so to speak. while on the other hand, SDSU is alright. big party school, and i can learn i guess the same things, but a cheaper price. so im quite lost. i need to take calc. 1-3 and two other calc classes, two physics, two chems. and like 5 comp. science classes inorder to transfer, meaning i have to have completed them with a 3.0 to get in to UCSD, while SDSU, i can just meet the GE and get in with a 2.0. so should i work really hard two get into a school i dont need to work hard for, or get some what of a reward for my efforts. so im quite stuck on what i should do, i guess the only things thats sepperating my disicion is cost. so thats what im thinking about.


  1. have you visited either? it makes a big difference sometimes.

  2. I agree with Carolyn about the importance of visiting schools. Now, I don't want to sound like a school snob, and I have attended both a UC school and a state university, but I will be honest that a UC is going to look more impressive than a state college on a transcript or resume. I don't mean to criticize state schools, but I am being honest.