Monday, March 23, 2009


So, i've been a fan of the culinary arts for sometime. i've thought about going to school for it. but i realized i would hate to stand around in a very fast environment with really no satisfaction in the end. I mean, i love to cook, but i never eat what i cook. i taste it, but never really have a hunger to eat it, just to make it. ever since i was a kid i told myself i would learn how to cook because my parents didn't know so we really never really ate as a family and ate out of the box or can if you know what i mean. and once i started getting in to track and soccer, i had to develope my own diet, which was very successfull. so i told myself, my kids don't need to worry about that. so now i have a very broad knowledge of how to cook certain things (Good Eats) and what to cook, and also how to improvise (essential if your bored). so i really don't need to go to some cullinary school to be good at it. my dad is a chef and my grandpa is a chef, so i have plenty of mentors. i make my own pasta, with home made noodles sauce, the works. inside out burge ( a burger with cheese and bacon on the inside) milkshakes, dozens of deserts, steak, etc. and all learned by myself. so during my persute to be better cook, i think i'm doing a good job so far.

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  1. Ah, I love Good Eats! I think it is great that you cook. After watching shows on Food Network and Top Chef, I can really appreciate how cooking well is an artform, and not simply for trained restaurant chefs.